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We are so happy you are here!

ETK-PCC is an early childhood education program for students who will turn 5 between December 3 - June. We are a full day program that focuses on the California Preschool Learning Foundations. We are staffed with two teachers Mr. Almonte (special education) and Ms. Fung (general education), and two teaching assistants, Ms. Pedroza and Ms. Ponce. We work as a team to meet the needs of all our students.

Lets Make Some Music!

The end of the unit project for our Music Study will be to design and create a new musical instrument!


1. Use materials you can find at home. (Recycle and reuse something you have already).

2. The instrument you make should make a sound.

3. You can hit it, shake it, or blow into it to hear the sound.

4. Bring it to school by April 29, 2019 to share with the class!

ETK Tree Study Projects
Our Building Projects!
Halloween 2018
Letters We Are Learning...


Great Parent Website!

This is a great website to help parents and families understand the development of children from PRE-K to 12th Grade.

The website gives parents skills and expectations at each age level, and ways in which they can support their child at home.

It's also translated in Spanish! Check it out!

More songs...



That's a Wrap! Good Luck Room 27!

Our Class Mission Statement

Room 27

We are happy.

We are fast.

We are helpful.

We are leaders.

Our mission is to help people, be nice, make good choices, and be better leaders!

El Sapito!
We are Room 27!

We are Room 27!
Read Across America Week!
A Visit the the Skirball Cultural Center
Natural History Museum
Practice this song for Talent Show!


Pine Cone Observations!
Pine Cone Observations!
Have a great winter break!
Have a great winter break!
Our Next Unit: TREES!

We will be studying TREES in class!

  • What are the trees you see in our neighborhood?
  • Who lives in trees?
  • What food comes from tress?
  • Who takes care of trees?
  • How do trees change?
  • What can we do with the parts of trees?

We will do a school walk and identify the trees in our school and neighborhood. Students will learn about the parts of the tree and why each part is important.

Our culminating project for this unit will be to build a tree!
*Challenge: to build/make a tree from something that comes from a tree!

Buildings in Downtown LA!
Red Ribbon Week Activities!
Observing Buildings in Our Neighborhood
Yoga Time!
National Walk to School Day
Learning our Colors!
Favorite Class Songs & Videos





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Get classroom updates, photos, and reminders through text messages! You can also directly message the teachers using Remind. All you have to do is send a text @etk2019 to the number 81010.


Look for Class News on Fridays
Highlights from ETK 2017-2018


Highlights from 2016-2017 ETK!


Highlights from Kinder 2015-2016


We are learning to read!
We Love Art!
Beautiful Day to Pick Strawberries!
A Day at the California Science Center!
An Afternoon at the Getty Center
Thank You So Much for Giving!

Thank you families for helping us nearly reach our classroom and school goal of 100% donations! We had 22 students in our class donate to the LAUSD Annual Charity Campaign. Great job Room 27!

Zero Visits Belvedere!
Year of the Pig
Working on Concepts of Print!
Working on Concepts of Print!
Winter Program 2018
Petersen Automobile Museum
Lets Go Fly a Kite!
Visit the the Aquarium of the Pacific!
Visit the the Aquarium of the Pacific!
La Plaza de Cultural y Artes Museum
ETK Builders!
Letters and Number Practice!
What to Work on at Home

Review all previous letters introduced:  h H, b B, u U, c C, p P, o O, f F, m M, t T, s S, a A, n N, i I, 

  • Letter e E
  • Recognize and write first name correctly.
  • Begin to recognize the first letters of our friends' names too!
  • Exposure to the words:  the, I, see, a, we
  • Using words to express our needs and wants.
  • Touch and count objects to 10!
  • Know the numbers 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
  • Holding and using a pencil correctly
  • Cutting with scissors
  • Following routines and directions

Our next unit of study is BUILDINGS!

  • What do buildings have? walls, roofs, stairs, windows, etc.
  • What are buildings made of?
  • How do you build?
  • What kinds of buildings are there in our neighborhood?
  • Who works in buildings in our neighborhood?
  • What materials make a strong building?

Our next Family Project will be to create a building to bring to school. We will send information home in November. You will have time during the Fall Break November 19-23 to complete it.

Leader In Me Song!


Our Class Rules!

We are learning to follow classroom rules.

They keep us safe and helps us learn. 

Please discuss, remind, and talk about the importance of following our class rules.

Here's a simple song to remember our rules!

Pencil Grip

Learning how to hold and use writing tools is one of the skills we work on in ETK. Habits are hard to break, so please practice at home with your child. It will make writing easier for them in the future. Thanks!

IMG 1868.JPG

Some Favorite Songs!

Letter Sound Song!


Color of the week: BLUE

We are working on COLORS!
Click the color to find the song that goes with that letter!









Practice Tying Shoelaces!