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Jennifer Reyes

Welcome to Early Education!
Welcome to Early Education!

Meet Jennifer Reyes

As an education specialist with 12 years experience, I have had the opportunity to work primarily with children in Kindergarten and First Grade. As an elementary school teacher of students with special needs, I feel it’s not only important to develop grade level appropriate academic skills in reading, writing, and math, but it is equally important to build positive character traits by developing effective communication skills through social skills instruction and language building activities.  As a dedicated teacher I strive to ensure that each day is filled with positive learning experiences and exciting opportunities for my students to learn and grow from. In our classroom we use a variety of visual and hand-on standards based learning activities to encourage participation, increase understanding of standards-based concepts, and increase engagement in learning activities. I believe that when given the appropriate academic supports to access curriculum in combination with multi-modality instruction and meaningful engaging activities, every child, regardless of any disability, can have successful learning experiences. 


About Early Education (EE)

Welcome to the Early Education (EE) special day class at Belvedere Elementary School. The Early Education (EE) class is a full day, special day program for Transitional Kindergarten, Kindergarten, and First Grade students with mild to moderate disabilities.  Kindergarten (or joining any new classroom) is a time for new beginnings, making new friends, and learning many new things each and everyday.  The academic and social skills we practice daily in our Early Education Special Day Class classroom are the building blocks for future success in school and life.  Our program focuses on developing grade level common core curriculum standards, while provided differentiated instruction in combination with appropriate scaffolds and accommodations to meet individual student needs.  The program is staffed by an education specialist (Mrs. Reyes), along with one full-time paraprofessional (Mrs. Rodriguez).